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AxParafit: Highly optimized and parallelized version of Parafit.

What do the Programs do?

AxParafit and AxPcoords are highly optimized versions of Pierre Legendre's Parafit and DistPCoA programs for statistical analysis of host-parasite coevolution. AxParafit has also been parallelized with MPI (Message Passing Interface) for compute clusters. We have used parallel AxParafit to carry out the largest co-evolutionary analysis to date for the paper describing the software.
Citing  AxParafit & AxPcoords: When publishing results using AxParafit or AxPcoords please cite the following papers:
If you also used the CopyCat tool in your analyses, please cite:
Manual, Source Code (under GPL), and Binaries
  • 512 entries test data set (n1 = 512, n2=512, n3=503, n4=505)
  • 1024 entries test data set (n1=1024, n2=1024, n3=1009, n4=1015)
Link to CopyCat version with AxParafit/AxPcoords

Some pre-compiled Binaries:
Libraries required for compiling fast version:
Results and data from the paper: An empirical Study of Smut Fungi and their Hosts: