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Evolutionary Placement Algorithm (EPA)

Latest code download

The EPA is part of standard RAxML, so you will need to download the latest RAxML version. Get the most up-to-date RAxML version from github.

User Support

Please send all your questions and feature request to the RAxML google group. Before posting, keep in mind that a google group actually has a search function! Emails to Exelixis lab members regarding RAxML will not be answered. Messages posted via github will also not be answered.

Web-Servers for evolutionary placement of short reads

Web-Servers for phylogenetic placement of short sequence reads (including alignment and visualization tools):

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Denis Krompass, our former Master's student has put together JAVA-based GUI packages for running and analyzing short read placement runs with the RAxML EPA algorithm described in this paper

This stand-alone GUI is similar in functionality to the EPA web-server here. It also allows you to build reference trees with RAxML for the original full-length sequence alignment

Just download the file (this may take some time), then unzip it: "unzip" then change to the directory: "cd RAxML_Workbench" and then start the GUI by typing: "java -jar RAxML_Worbench.jar"

Here is a screenshot of the GUI: