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MrBayes: a hybrid MPI/OpenMP version of MrBayes v3.1.2 by Alexis Stamatakis and Wayne Pfeiffer

Download a hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallelization of MrBayes. DNA and Protein models work correctly, you will probably need an Intel compiler (icc) to produce fast code.

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F. Pratas, P. Trancoso, A. Stamatakis, L. Sousa: "Fine-grain parallelism using Multi-core, Cell/BE, and GPU systems: Accelerating the Phylogenetic Likelihood Function". Proceedings of ICPP 2009, accepted for publication, Vienna, Austria, September 2009. PDF


F. Ronquist, J.P. Huelsenbeck "MrBayes 3: Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference under mixed models", Bioinformatics 19(12):1572-1574, 2003.

Some performance data: PDF