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About RAxML-Light

Development of RAxML-Light has been discontinued. It is replaced by the newer and better ExaML code. This page here is only available for the version history.

RAxML-Light is a strapped down RAxML version for conducting tree searches on very large trees under the CAT approximation and GAMMA model of rate heterogeneity. For further details please read the paper.

Latest code download

Get the last RAxML-Light version from github.

older versions, released as tarballs:

  • RAxML-Light v1.0.9 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.8 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.6 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.5 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.4 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.3 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.2 available here
  • RAxML-Light 1.0.1 available here


A user manual is provided with the source code repository.

User Support

User support has been stopped.

Web Services

The RAxML-Light tools is still also available as web-service thanks to the efforts of the great colleagues at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and support by the NSF iPlant collaborative.

To use this service you will first need to create an iPlant login here and subsequently log in on the CIPRES portal using your iPlant credentials.